“Movement can replace many drugs, but no drug can ever replace movement.”

Wojciech Oczko (1545-1608), court physician to kings Sigismund Augustus, Stephen Báthory and Sigismund III Vasa.

Professor Anna Skrzek, Ph.D.
Head of Department and Institute of Physiotherapy in Dysfunction of Motor Organs, Physical Education Academy, (AWF) in Wroclaw

Whether rehabilitation is efficient or not depends on an individual approach to the patient based on a plan, which is tailored to the current capacities of the patient’s body. A therapeutic programme should be well-thought, should take into account the current medical condition of the patient, as well as all coexisting diseases and be prepared in accordance with his/her needs, capacities and level of motivation. An individual approach consists in selecting methods, measurements and techniques, but also loads appropriate to the body’s capacity.

Andrzej Bugajski, M.D.
President of the Polish Society of Sports Medicine

There is no point in waiting for the pain to convince us to visit a specialist. Each of us, the younger or the older, regardless of whether one studies, works, leads an active lifestyle or spends most of the time at a desk or a computer – should take care of their good physical condition. Any minor pain, slight injury or even temporary discomfort, when ignored for a longer time or neglected due to the lack of knowledge that the situation can be improved, can lead to major disorders in the future.



Vratislavia Medica Hospital is now a Medical Partner of the Radio Wrocław Running Team

On Sunday, 3rd September a 10km run was organised by Radio Wrocław in the Grabiszyński Park. Its participants had the opportunity to enjoy a massage and consult physiotherapists from the Vratislavia Medica hospital. This event was the start of a new and regular cooperation with Radio Wrocław, which was by the way named the best […]